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Tube Bending and Fabrication

Our specialty is tight tolerance processing of metal tubular products and assemblies. We produce a large variety of fabricated tubes and assemblies including power steering pump tubes, HVAC, and gas guides for airbag applications. As a direct supplier to the automotive industry we are equipped to handle all of your high volume tube fabricating applications.

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Tube Bending, Tube Fabrication, Tube Brazing
Tube Bending

This is a sampling of various high volume tubes and brazed tubular assemblies we produce for the automotive and refrigeration markets.
Ferrous & Non Ferrous Tubes, Brass Tubes, Copper Tubes, Steel Tubes
Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals

Example of steel, stainless steel, and brass tubes.
High Precison Tube Fabrication, Large Tubes, Small Tubes
Small and Large Tubes

High precision tube fabrication in a variety of sizes.
Precision End Forming, Tube Fabrication, Tube Bending
Precision End Forming

Tight tolerance tube end forming is a specialty of Universal Tube.
Tube Piercing, Tube Notching, Tube Fabrication, Tube Bending
Shearing & Notching

Our specialized tooling ensures the highest standard of burr free craftmanship.
Tube Flattening, Tube Piercing, Tube Bending, Tube Fabrication
Flatten & Piercing

We are experts at forming precision drilled, flattened, pierced, and notched configurations.

  • We work with a variety of metals. (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum)

  • Our modern CNC tube benders are capabale of bending tubes with diameters from 3.175mm to 50.8mm (0.125" to 2"), with multiple bend radii. These benders offer quick setup flexibility for JIT delivery and low tooling costs.

  • Universal Tube has a variety of cut-off and deburr machines allowing us to produce tubes at high volume and low cost. These precision machines provide burr free ends while holding very tight tolerances.

  • We work with all SAE and ASTM specifications including SAE, J356, J526, and J527 along with ASTM specifications A213, A269, A513, A519, and A554.

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